Why to Choose Fleet Maintenance Software by RocketFlow?

Attendance Management
Maintenance Scheduling
Enables fleet operators to schedule regular maintenance tasks, inspections, and repairs
Attendance Management
Asset Tracking
Fleet managers can track the maintenance history, service records, and performance metrics
Attendance Management
Inventory Management
Manage spare parts and inventory levels efficiently, ensuring that the right parts are available when needed for maintenance and repairs
Attendance Management
Compliance & Safety
Assists in maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, including safety inspections and emissions requirements.
Attendance Management
Cost Analysis
Modules for analyzing maintenance and repair costs, helping fleet operators identify cost-saving opportunities and make data-driven decisions
Attendance Management
Alerts & Notifications
Automated alerts and notifications to fleet managers and drivers regarding upcoming maintenance schedules, repair needs, and compliance deadlines
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Enhance Productivity
Maintenance Cycle
Maintenance Cost

Fleet Maintenance Software comes up with following offerings

Fleet Maintenance Software

How Fleet Maintenance Software actually works?

Presenting Fleet Maintenance Software, an Enterprise suite of tools to enables businesses to make the most out of their Fleet Inventory with prebuilt features such as Maintenance Scheduling, Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Cost Analysis, Compliance & Governance and Scheduled Alerts and Notifications. Below given is a step by step guidance for Fleet Maintenance SoftwareFleet Maintenance Software

  • Fleet Onboarding: Business Admins can create a inventory for fleet with multiple categorization for vehicles such as Make, Model, capacity and many more. Post creation of these categories Admins can bulk upload all the Fleet in the system with their identification number
  • Fleet Documents and Certifications: Admin can provide the details for Fleet's documents and certifications details accompanied with a digital copy and expiry date if applicable.
  • Fleet Spare and Parts Details: Admin can record various parts such as Tyre, GPS device and other relevant individual parts with their identification number and current status for record keeping.
  • Spare Part Inventory: Create a end to end inventory of spare parts with details such as Part number, type, minimum stock threshold for alerts .
  • Procurement Management: Onboard all the spare parts using a easy to use procurement management flow to update the status of spare parts, add stock value and define distribution among Users and Geographies.
  • Vehicle Availability Management: Allocate, track and manage the availability of all the vehicles using a single platform with inbuilt payment and payout management.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Check the real time status of every vehicle along with auto updating of details such as Odometer reading, Kms travelled, current location and much more.
  • Service Alerts and Reminders: Based on Service threshold Km, Fleet Maintenance Software will create a ticket and notify the Service Manager as soon as a vehicle is about to reach Service threshold.
  • Repair Management: End to End process to record all the repair orders and pricing details for repair. System will update the status to inactive making sure that the vehicle is not allocated for any job.
  • Fuel & Expense Management: Provision to record and analyze the fuel management patterns, identify fuel economy and alerts if the consumption is too high.
  • Yield Per vehicle: Based on all the Expenditures and Earning captured against each vehicle the system can analyze and give key insights about the operational costs and earning from each vehicle along with net outcome so Businesses can plan their strategies based on these data.

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Key features of Fleet Maintenance Software

Your own Command Center for Fleet Maintenance & Operations

Fleet Maintenance Software provides businesses with a dedicated dashboard with Process wise Data and Status so give a end to end visibility about everyday operations and requests.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Inbuilt User Database Management

Fleet Maintenance Software by RocketFlow allows businesses to create various type of User Roles/Personas with custom accessibility and authentication for each role so you can easily onboard and manage all the Users and distribute duties based on Hierarchy.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Multi Location Handling in Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet Maintenance Software enables businesses to manage their operations across multiple locations. System enables businesses to define various locations and create a geo fence around the same so all the Users have to be at their designated location to perform their duties.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet Management in RocketFlow

Fleet Maintenance Software enables Fleet Operators to onboard all the vehicles in the system. Based on multiple categorization for vehicles such as Make, Model, capacity and many more using which Admins can bulk upload all the Fleet in the system with their identification number. Clear Insight about Fleet such as total vehicle count, status of individual vehicles, availability and other could be managed.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Vehicle Insights in Fleet Maintenance Software

Keep a exact track and manage record of each vehicle in your inventory. Easily manage details such as Vehicle Status, running kms, service history, repair orders, refueling and much more along with each document and certificates for each vehicles.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Dedicated Inventory Dashboard in Fleet Maintenance Software

Business and Fleet Operators will have a dedicated dashboard for all the inventory with their respective Operational status and distribution details with respect to Location such as city and hubs and team as well.

Fleet Maintenance Software
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How to get started with Fleet Maintenance Software!

Fleet Maintenance Software

Categorize your Vehicle

Fleet Maintenance Software allows Fleet Operators to create various categories before uploading your inventory. This makes it easy for Fleet Operators to identify various type of vehicles running in their fleet, their towing capacity, type and much more. Type of categorization that can be done:

  • Manufacturer: Based on Manufacturer of Fleets
  • Operation Type: Passenger Vehicle or Commercial Vehicles
  • Vehicle Size: Small, Medium and Large Vehicles
  • Usage Purpose: Delivery, Service and Executive Fleet
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Diesel and Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
Fleet Maintenance Software

Onboard your Vehicle Fleet based on Categorization

Fleet Operators after creating various categorization can upload their fleet. Fleet Maintenance Software by RocketFlow comes with inbuilt bulk upload utility which makes the task of uploading vehicle hassle-free using a CSV or Excel sheet.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Vehicle Documents and Licenses

When operating a Fleet of Commercial Vehicles it becomes essential to maintain and track several documents and licenses to ensure legal compliance, safety of vehicle and operator. Some Examples are:

  • Vehicle Registration: Proof of vehicle registration
  • Insurance Documents: Coverage for liability & damage
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records: Periodic inspection
  • Operating Permits: Permits for interstate transport
  • Proof of Ownership: Ownership or Authorization to use the vehicle
  • Vehicle Tax Documents: Proof of payment of applicable vehicle taxes
  • Weight and Load Certifications: Weight and load compliance
  • Transportation Permits: Permits for oversize or overweight
  • Environmental Compliance Certificates: Certificates such as Pollution control
Fleet Maintenance Software

You're Fleet Software is all set and ready to take your Business Requests

After providing the fleet documents and licenses report your Fleet Maintenance Software is all setup and ready to tackle all the fleet operations request. This would enable you to keep a clear record of all the vehicles in your arsenal. Fleet Maintenance Software would give a single page view to identify the following:

  • Categorized Bye Eye View of Entire Fleet
  • Total Vehicle in your Fleet
  • Total Active Vehicles Ready
  • Active Vehicles Currently on duty
  • Total vehicles under Service & Repair
  • Upcoming Vehicle Services and Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance Software

Manage your own Service & Spare Parts

Fleet Maintenance Software empowers Fleet Operators to Manage, maintain and track their Service & Spare Parts. Create your own Spare and Service inventory to manage service and maintenance efficiently.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Never run out of any Product with RocketFlow

Fleet Maintenance Software comes with Auto Replenishment System which makes sure that all the stock level are maintained and a notification or request to registered Spare Parts Vendor is registered as soon as a inventory level reached a minimum set threshold making sure that you always have the right parts available.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Inbuilt Procurement Management for securing the best prices

Procurement Management comes as an integral part of Fleet Maintenance Software. Procurement Management allows Fleet Operators to broadcast procurement request to multiple registered partner highlighting the requested parts so you can find the best pricing the market has to offer. Fleet Maintenance Software also tracks the entire procurement cycle and makes sure that all the items procured are up to business standards.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Your own dedicated Stock Manager

Fleet Maintenance Software gives you a end to end stock view while maintaining optimal levels of stock to meet your needs and avoiding excess or insufficient inventory. Also keep a detailed history of stock transactions which empowers businesses to analyze trends, track performance, and make informed decisions.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Understanding Fleet Maintenance Software

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