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Wondering how well your different Projects are performing?

RocketFlow's Project Management Software makes tracking of different projects seamless. Now register new projects & scope of work, map your different projects Geographically, Define budget & timelines, track all Inventory consumption, Employee Engagement and match the same against Project's initial scope to easily find out Employee Productivity, Inventory requirements, to get a clear idea about every Project's efficiency & profitability. So that you make the right decision every time!

  • Define Project's Scope & Commercials
  • Track employee's Engagement & Productivity
  • Keep a eye on all procurement request & relevant costs
  • Get the insights about every Project's Performance

RocketFlow's Project Management Software helps Project Managers & Management to control their project costs and hit deadlines everytime..
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Admin Panel

Registering a new Project using RocketFlow's Project Management Software

Register your Project details and scope of work along with each new project.

Find Employee Productivity using RocketFlow's Project Management Software

Track your Employee's productivity with our Time Sheet widget which not only tracks employee's work patterns but also captures employees cost calculated as per the time sheet registered.

Approval Based Employee Time sheets in RocketFlow's Project Management Software

All the time sheet uploaded by employees are auto assigned to the respective Project Manager

Project's Inventory Requirements can be tracked using RocketFlow's Project Management Software

All the request for inventory are registered against the Projects and sent to immediate Manager for approval. All the approved inventory are then delivered to the requester with the Inventory price registered in the project budget automatically for accurate recordkeeping & auditing. This enables the Project managers to keep up with everyday employee activities and progression.

Project's Financial Reports can be extracted via RocketFlow's Project Management Software

All the cost associated with Projects are complied for each projects, where all the costs associated with respect to Employee Engagement, Project related costs & Inventory are recorded.

Employee Engagement Reports under RocketFlow's Project Management Software

Employee's time sheet are recorded. Time sheet also enables better insight about how long each project will take and helps in calculating employee's productivity. This also enables Project Managers to be on the same page as their team members for tracking projects and respective updates, hence simplifying project management.

Employee Utilization can be discovered thorough RocketFlow's Project Management Software

Employee utilization Reports enables accurate billing for efficiency for a employee, Departments & Organization for a defined time frame. These utilization rate is derived from the engagement of the employee within registered time frame & project

Project's Profitability Report in RocketFlow's Project Management Software

RocketFlow's Project Profitability report gives a clear insight & compares the actual project's revenue and related costs to show every project's total profitability. Project Profitability report is calculated on the basis of employee Costing and Budgeting feature.

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