Cab Management System Features

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Attendance Management
Customer Website
Take your business to next stage with your own website
Attendance Management
Driver App
Employee Performance and Task Management with payouts
Attendance Management
Admin Portal
For End to End Cab Services Business Operations Management
Attendance Management
Billing & Invoice
Convenient Online Payment collection and auto invoicing
Attendance Management
Live Tracking
Real Time Live tracking and status updates throughout the cab transition
Attendance Management
Driver Payout
Automated driver payout calculation handling based on Km and base fare
Attendance Management
Fleet Management
Register and Manage Fleet Inventory and availability for optimum utilization
Attendance Management
Business Insights
Insights on Revenue analysis, customer feedback, and driver performance
Effortless Cab Management for Seamless Travel Experiences
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Cab Fleet

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Cab Management System

How can Cab Management System automate your Cab Business?

Cab Management System lets your take your business online within mins by providing you with a customer website that helps you rank. Customer website enables you to display your Services & Offerings to your potential customer anytime, anywhere. Cab Management System also enables your Drivers and Executives using RocketFlow Mobile App. They can get alerts and duties on their mobile on the go. See Live Tracking, Customer OTP verification and much more. Lets see how does Cab Management System Process works:

  • Online Booking: Customer Can view service offerings and make a booking online
  • Auto Driver Assignment: Driver is auto assigned based on distance & availability
  • OTP Verification: Driver can start trip with OTP and tracking initiates
  • Online Payment Collection: Post trip completion payment is collected online
  • Customer Feedback: After payment is successfully made, system sends a email to customer for feedback

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Cab Management System Mobile Offerings

Your own Website that brings Leads

Get your own customer website that helps you get discovered online for additional customer engagement. Our website helps you rank online so customer looking for cab services can find your business and avail your services online inrespective of their location and time. A website can help your cab business with the following:

  • Online Presence
  • Increased Visibility
  • Booking Convenience
  • Showcase Services and Features
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials
  • Online Booking and Payment
  • Promotional Opportunities
Cab Management System

Cab Service Listing to showcase your entire arsenal

Your Cab Services Service page provide a platform to showcase your cab services, fleet options, features, and unique selling points. It helps customers understand your offerings and choose the most suitable option.

Cab Management System

Booking Creation in Cab Management System

Customer can review the Service details and offerings. Based on these customers can book cab services conveniently from their desktop or mobile devices. This 24/7 accessibility enhances customer convenience and improves their experience.

Cab Management System

Only Accept Verified Requests

Only accept genuine and verified online request with Cab Management System. Our Cab Management System captures and saves customer details while verifying Customer contact details using inbuilt OTP verification system so you can be ensure that only genuine requests and orders are raised to you.

Cab Management System

Cab Service Booking Confirmation

Post OTP verification booking is confirmed and a success message is shown to the customer. Customer is still encouraged to continue browsing and discovering more about the business and other extensive services and offerings.

Cab Management System

Keep your customer notified

Once the booking is confirmed, Cab Management System automatically sends a booking confirmation message to the customer over EMail and WhatsApp. Also, system allocates the booking to driver on the go and share their details with customer as well.

Cab Management System

Admin and Executive Mobile App

Cab Management System empowers Cab Business Admins and Executives via Mobile App where they can see all the alerts and notifications on the go. Booking when confirmed get reflected in the mobile app of Admins and assigned Driver for easy viewing and details.

Cab Management System

Drivers can never miss a alert

Cab Management System sends a sound enabled push notification to the driver about the bookings assigned to them. They message consist of Booking Number, Customer details along with booking timings. This works as a quick look inside the booking.

Cab Management System

Booking Detail Page

Cab Management System provides a detailed view of each booking created and registered in system. This view consist of all the essential details of booking such as Customer Contact Details, Pickup and Drop Locations, Fleet Details and booking request time as well.

Cab Management System

Customer verification before pickup

Cab Management System sends a unique verification code directly on the Customers registers mobile number which needs to be shared with the driver before the trip can be initiated. Once verified Cab Management System will send notification to Admins about the status update and will also send tracking link to customer and their registered references for a clear and transparent cab experience.

Cab Management System

Live Tracking throughout Transit

Always keep a eye on live trips and vehicle movement with Cab Management System. Ensure that Customer and their loved ones are always kept updated about trip status and live location so you can give the best Cab experience to your customers.

Cab Management System

Convenient Online Payment

Once the trip is completed and driver is at drop location, Cab Management System automatically triggers a payment email to the customer. The email contains a Payment URL which can be used for hassle free online payment using customers preferred mode of pay.

Cab Management System

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important for every cab businesses growth, right after payment a feedback email is sent to customer to leave reviews and testimonials about their experiences with your cab services. Positive reviews can build trust and attract more customers.

Cab Management System
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Cab Management System Admin Panel Features

Cab Management System

Cab Operations Dashboard: For End to End Control

The central admin portal provides a comprehensive view of the entire fleet, including real-time location, availability, and status of each vehicle. It allows fleet managers to efficiently monitor and manage the fleet, assign vehicles to drivers, and optimize resource allocation.

Cab Management System

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications for the booking and dispatch process by centralizing all incoming requests, allowing administrators to get updated about all requests.

Cab Management System

Cab Management Request Listing

Cab Management System provides a clear overview of upcoming bookings, current trips, and pending requests, facilitating efficient coordination and reducing manual errors.

Cab Management System

Every insight about Bookings

Cab Management System provides a detailed view of each booking with essential information such as customer contact details, emergency contact details, Fleet preference, Driver assigned, Task Timeline, Tracking, Kanban view and much more.

Cab Management System

Assign and Update Drivers

Cab Management System provides effective management of drivers, including driver profiles, documentation, licensing, and scheduling. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring driver performance, tracking driver availability, and assigning tasks, leading to improved driver efficiency and productivity.

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