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Rocketflow allows mapping your manual business processes into the platform by a visual drag and drop workflow designer. Rocketflow allows to define your own forms for capturing data while executing the business process at different business stages. One of the most critical business operation is of managing the Entry and Exit of the vehicles entering the mining field. The Entry and Exit Operations comprises of following key processes which can be mapped using Rocketflow.

  • Mapping process of marking entries of executives/inventories entering a mining field
  • Mapping process of loading vehicles with processed/unprocessed materials.
  • Mapping process of marking exit of executives/inventories exiting a mining field.
  • Managing data and audits regarding compliances.

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App for Employees

Employees and Workers involved in the mining operations get access to Rocketflow app using which they can perform their respective tasks. Users get mapped to the business processes at respective stages depending upon their role to perform configured actions. Users can capture information required at respective business stage to ensure transparency.

App for Admin

Admins and Supervisors get enhanced access as per the business process configured within Rocketflow. Supervisors can then approve attendance, leaves and tasks based on their respective roles. Supervisors can also fetch reports based on location / users for attendance, leave and tasks.

App for Attendance and Leaves

Executives and workers can use the Rocketflow mobile app to capture their attendance and leaves. Workers can request for leaves which can be approved by Supervisors of their respective blocks. Workers can be restricted to punch-in/out their attendance only within geo area they are supposed to work thereby ensuring full transparency

Onsite Audit

Supervisors and Admins can use the Rocketflow to capture audit data like taking snapshots, capturing data and signature in order to ensure compliance and SLA adherence is in place.

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Manage Manpower

Admin panel lets Supervisors/Admins control the add and manage executives and workers using the platform. Supervisors/Admins can control what workers get to see.

Manage Attendance and Leave

Supervisors/Admins through a single screen can get a real time view into attendance, leaves, and download reports. Supervisors can also approve/reject leaves through the platform.

Manage Geographies

Supervisors/Admins can add and manage different regions, cities, blocks and hubs. Admins can map geo fence along with the hub locations as well. Admins can further tag users and inventories with the hub locations to restrict attendance and operations with a respective location.

Manage Salary Reports

System Admins/Finance team can fetch the salary report and do an end of month reconciliation of the salary to be processed for Executives and Workers.

Manage Inventory

System Admins/Stock Supervisors can add and manage inventories of a particular location. The Supervisors can keep a tab on the inventory coming In and going Out thereby ensuring full transparency and efficiency.

Manage Mining Operations

The business processes pertaining to Mining Operations are mapped with Rocketflow. Rocketflow lets Supervisors and System Administrators to manage and track individual tasks for operational adherence through a single platform.

Dashboard and Analytics

Rocketflow lets Supervisors and System Administrators get a single consolidated view through a dashboard for task management across the mining operations. Get a single view of the attendance, leaves across geographies to plan and take recuperative actions through a single dashboard.

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