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HealthCare & wellness Management Software Process Flow

RocketFlow lets you automate the end-to-end experience of your Health Care Management Services. The platform allows you to automate the following processes:

  • Patients can book an appointment through the Website/Mobile Site/Mobile App.
  • Health Care Service Operators get an admin portal to manage service requests and assign executives.
  • Health Care Service Executives can generate patient's bill & can collect payments in cash or through payment gateway integration.
  • Health Care Service Operators can store patients' data and record medical history through the admin panel or mobile app.

Client Website

Custom website

Get a simple and easy to use website for your business identity of Health Care Service Management Operations

Manage Appointments

List and Manage the health care services you offer, all the parties involved in the process gets a digital channel to interact, raise and track the requests

Store Patients information

RocketFlow lets you manage user contacts, sign up using your Brand Website for creating and managing their appointments

Integrated Payment Gateway

RocketFlow is pre-integrated with widely used payment gateways like Razorpay for letting customers create appointments and make payments. Get a simple, easy-to-use, and fully integrated Health Care Service Management platform with RocketFlow.

Mobile App

RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software Mobile App for patients

RocketFlow lets your patients signup, create and manage appointments they have made through Android and iOS Mobile Apps. RocketFlow lets you reach out to your patients for quick updates on their appointment or important notice through push notifications, SMS, or Email.

RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software Mobile App for Executives

RocketFlow lets your health care executives accept and manage requests using the Android and iOS Mobile Apps. RocketFlow tracks executives during the trip through app-based GPS tracking. RocketFlow also supports managing executives' earnings and payouts.

RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software Mobile App for Admin

System Administrators and Supervisors can keep a tab on the end-to-end operations through the mobile App. RocketFlow lets you get a dashboard view of the overall Health Care service operations.

Receive Real Time Updates with RocketFlow's HealthCare & Wellness Management Software

With RocketFlow Software for Healthcare & Wellness, get notified about tasks assignment and actionable points.

Admin Panel

Manage Requests with Admin portal by RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software

RocketFlow lets you map your business processes for Health Care Service Management Operations. RocketFlow lets you create and manage Service Requests and track different stages of the Service Requests in real-time.

RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software Admin portal for Employee Management

RocketFlow lets you map executives based on locations. Assign tasks to executives, track executives performing a task, and rate executives based on the work fulfilled.

Get Dashboard view with RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software

Get an overview of all the appointments and their status on a custom dashboard.

Generate Prescriptions with RocketFlow's healthCare & wellness Management Software

RocketFlow comes with an invoice module that lets you generate prescriptions and share it with your patients.

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