Business Process Automation (commonly referred as BPA) is the automation of repeatable tasks within an Organization. BPA helps accelerate how work is assigned to the right person within an organization, following enterprise defined rules and actions for allocation of the tasks. BPA helps organizations streamline processes such as candidate onboarding, candidate selection, reimbursement processes, lead management system, task management across the business verticals.

Difference between Business Process Automation and Business Process Management?

Business Process Automation aims at identifying repetitive tasks, while Business Process Management aims at optimizing and automation of the business processes in general. Business Process Management is a super set of Business Process Automation.

How to identify processes suitable for business process automation?

  • Processes which are repetitive in nature and are done following different business stages and actions performed by stakeholders during execution
  • The said Process needs to be replicated across the Organization in a consistent manner
  • The said Process should be verifiable for similar outcomes every time it is run thereby ensuring consistency in process execution
  • The Process should be measurable across every stage of execution wrt time taken, outputs each business stage produces

The end goal of a business process automation is to ensure transparency, consistency and making the process measurable, thereby improving the overall operational efficiency.

Rocketflow is a business process management platform well suited for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises. Rocketflow helps you automate your business processes and map the business processes within Rocketflow platform for efficient execution. Rocketflow is well suited for organizations having less exposure to technology as it comes with off the shelf automation for commonly used business processes. Enterprises can start using the platform offerings in a monthly Cloud SAAS Subscription Model accessing the processes through Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) or Web Admin Portal.

Few Flows that are automated using Rocketflow are listed below:

  • Order and Booking Management
  • Procurement and Production Planning
  • Sales and Business Leads Management
  • Task Management
  • HR Related Processes for Candidate Onboarding, Exit, Selection, Reimbursements
    • Attendance Management
    • Mapping Leaves, Leave Management and approvals
  • Logistics Management
  • Incident Management

Refer following case studies that are successfully transformed using Rocketflow:

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