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Rocketflow helps you control end to end field operations.

• Add/Manage Executives and map organization hierarchy • Bind locations and inventories with executives • Customers or Supervisors can create tasks and assign executives • Field Executives get mobile app to accept tasks, navigate to the field location, capture data points and get the work done • Supervisors get a full view of tasks based on the SLA and priority

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Mobile App

Mark Attendance & Leaves

Field executives can mark attendance by doing Punch IN/OUT. Field Executives can be enforced to mark attendance from only predefined locations mapped against their account through Geo Location based attendance, App also lets executives create leave requests and view leave quota.

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Perform Tasks

Field Executives can perform field operation tasks mapped against them in real time through the mobile app. Use cases like filling survey form at predefined location, filling checklist or performing SOP’s at set location, capturing meeting comments from the meeting location can all be mapped into the platform and executed through the field executive mobile app.

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Manage Teams

Through the Admin app supervisors and system admins can create users, user groups and teams; map your entire Organization hierarchy in the Rocketflow platform. Provide access to relevant user groups for controlling their specific processes. Users with Managerial roles can further approve/manage leaves, reimbursements etc.

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App For Admin

Through the Rocketflow Admin App the supervisors and system admins get a single dashboard view of the end to end business operations, attendance count for the day, leaves for the respective units thereby ensuring you get full control of your business, executives and customers.

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Admin Panel

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Manage Employees

Create and Manage employees and map them as per their roles, designations and geographical locations. Create teams and roles based on their responsibilities.

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Manage Attendance & Leaves

Get real time view of the attendance count based on location, approve, reject and raise leave requests, fetch reports for attendance, leave and salary..

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Assign Tasks

Rocketflow lets you to create and manage tasks. Assign executives to tasks and track status of tasks in progress.

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Real time tracking & Task Updates

Field Executives get tracked in real time through mobile app based geo tracking. Get real time updates on location of the executive, status of the tasks and keep your stakeholders well informed. Plan better with Rocketflow.

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Dashboard & Analytics

Rocketflow lets you have a single view dashboard for managing your end to end field operations. Fetch real time reports, get analytics around tasks and have complete control of your business

Automate now with Rocketflow
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