Key Features of Transport Management system by RocketFlow

Transport Management System: Empowering Transportation, Elevating Efficiency
Attendance Management
Auto Allocation
Automated allocation of Vehicles and Drivers for efficient transportation operations
Attendance Management
Real Time
Tracking Live vehicle tracking to monitor transportation progress and ensure Driver, Vehicle and goods safety and accountability
Attendance Management
Admin Portal
Empower Admin Transport Team with a user-friendly portal to access transport details and manage end to end operations
Attendance Management
Compliance & Safety
Ensure adherence to transportation regulations and promote safe driving practices

Omnichannel Offerings in Transport Management System

Process Flow

Rocketflow allows mapping your manual business processes around Vehicle Transport Management through a visual drag and drop workflow designer. Rocketflow allows to define your own data input forms while executing the business processes at each business stage. Rocketflow lets you manage following operational processes

  • Create Booking based on the access levels and roles. Customer/Clients can raise booking requests, regional supervisors can create booking for respective regions and System Administrators can manage bookings for the complete platform, Experience the Super easy booking creation flow with Rocketflow.
  • Rocketflow lets you map drivers/executives into the platform and Supervisors/Administrators can assign drivers/executives to a booking
  • Track driver/executives during pickup and drop operations through mobile app based tracking. Rocketflow is pre integrated with more than 100+ GPS Tracker OEMs and versions of hardware devices.
  • Simple and easy to use booking management and fetch real time reports

Client Website

Brand Website

Get a simple and easy to use website for your business identity of Vehicle Transportation with Rocketflow.

User Journey With Login Flow

Rocketflow lets you manage user contacts, sign up using your Brand Website for creating and managing their bookings

Booking Management

Rocketflow lets your customer create and manage booking through simple and easy to use booking management flow

Integration With Payment Gateway

Rocketflow is pre integrated with widely used payment gateways like Paytm, PayU, Razorpay (and many more) for letting customers create bookings and pay for extensions or capture any other payments for your vehicle operations. Get a simple, easy to use and fully integrated Vehicle booking platform with Rocketflow.

Driving Success through Smart Transport Management

Executive Mobile App

Rocketflow lets your Executives, create and manage bookings through Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Rocketflow lets you keep your Executives updated through push notifications for important notices and booking related messages.

All Details on a single Screen

Transport Management System enables your Executives to see all the essential information about the tasks assigned to them on a single screen. Transport Management System also ensures that your Executives never miss an update through push notifications with sound and alerts to Executives Mobile App.

Smart Routing for efficient Deliveries

Transport Management System comes with inbuilt Route Optimization features which enables you to batch multiple delivery request and assign those to a single Vehicle and Delivery Agent. Transport Management System created the most optimized Route for the driver to take to reduce the transit time and provide financial benefits around Employee & vehicle utilization.

Track your Deliveries & Executives

Transport Management System lets your executives and drivers accept bookings, manage bookings using the Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Rocketflow tracks drivers and executives during the trip through mobile app based tracking and also provides accurate ETAs to Admin and Customers by analyzing the real time traffic and route pattern.

App based POD

Transport Management System provides flexibility to your Executives to take all the necessary actions directly on their Mobile App using RocketFlow application. Executives at the time of delivery take the necessary details and fill in the POD checklist including E-Signature from customer and the same is synched with Admin Portal instantly so your whole team is on the same page.

Manage Fleet on the Go!

Fleet Management is also a extended capability of Transport Management System. Delivery Admin & Supervisors can assign and allocate deliveries and vehicle to executives on the go using RocketFlow Mobile App. This makes sure that all the stakeholders can perform their duty even on the go.

Mobile App based Invoice Generation

Invoices can be created and shared directly with the Customers using RocketFlow Mobile App. This enables the Delivery Agent to update once the delivery has been made plus also generate invoices directly through their mobile as well.

Customized Forms & Checklist

Executives and Delivery Agents can fill in the necessary information at different stages of delivery such as Order Pickup, Order Loading, Unloading, Delivery etc. Using RocketFlow Mobile App executives can fill in these information while capturing live images, signatures, alphanumeric inputs and many more.

Track Employee Engagement

Transport Management System also lets your executives to mark in their Attendance directly through their mobile app which can also be used to manage and disburse driver/executive earnings and payouts.

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Get on top of business leads. Give a consistent experience to your clients across your business.

Integrated Admin Panel

System Administrators and Supervisors get an integrated Admin Panel to manage their Vehicle Transport Operations. Rocketflow lets you fetch real time reports, track bookings, manage drivers and inventories through the platform. Rocketflow lets you create and manage bookings and track different stages of the bookings in real time.

Custom Creation Flow

Rocketflow lets you map your business processes for Vehicle transport operations. Rocketflow lets you create bookings in real time with all your field inputs and parameters customized according to your business requirement.

All the details under One Page

All the details and updates happening on every Logistic request is visible on a single screen along with every status updates and inputs filled by Executives. Transport Management system also comes with it's own detailed timeline to show various updates that are happening throughout the delivery journey in real time.

Inbuilt POD & Verification

Transport Management system comes with the flexibility to have a custom checklist and forms enabling businesses to capture all the necessary information during pre/post delivery activities. POD can be generated along with these by validating the delivery through OTP verification, Receiver's E-signature and many other mediums.

Order Delivery Confirmation

Post POD (Proof of Delivery) Transport Management system automatically updates the Logistic Request status to Delivered while simultaneously informing all the relevant parties such as Consignor, Consignee, Transport Admin about the successful delivery via notifications in form of Email, WhatsApp, SMS and Robo Call intimation.

Generate Invoice

After order delivery system enables Business Admins to generate invoice against the delivery request and share the same along with POD directly to customer and Admin.

Integrated Payment Collection

Transport Management System also comes with options to collect payment from Customer Online as well as offline. Post Delivery a Payment URL can also be sent to Customer along with order Invoice to collect online payment, Payment can also be collected by Delivery Agent and status can be updated using RocketFlow Mobile App on the go.

Custom Templates

Increase your brand awareness with Customized templates for Invoices and POD. Transport Management System allows businesses to map their custom templates with their own branding and logo to spread awareness about their businesses. These templates can easily be shared via notifications with all relevant stake holders.

Fleet Management & Allocation

Transport Management System enables businesses to map their entire Fleet into RocketFlow for Fleet & Availability Management, equal workload distribution and much more. Additionally Transport Management system also caters to Fleet Management by mapping all the important documents and their respective expiry dates as well. Which gives automated reminder to businesses about upcoming renewals and service reminders which adds to Fleet longevity.

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