Omnichannel Offerings in Transport Management Software

How Transport Management software works?

Rocketfleet allows mapping your manual business processes around Vehicle Transport Management through a visual drag and drop workflow designer. Rocketfleet allows to define your own data input forms while executing the business processes at each business stage. Rocketfleet lets you manage following operational processes

  • Create online Booking based on the access levels and roles. Customer/Clients can raise booking requests, regional supervisors can create booking for respective regions and System Administrators can manage bookings for the complete platform, Experience the Super easy booking creation flow with Rocketfleet.
  • Rocketfleet lets you map drivers/executives into the platform and Supervisors/Administrators can assign drivers/executives to a booking
  • Track driver/executives during pickup and drop operations through mobile app based tracking. Rocketfleet is pre integrated with more than 100+ GPS Tracker OEMs and versions of hardware devices.
  • Simple and easy to use booking management and fetch real time reports

Client Website

Custom Business Website

Get a simple and easy to use website for your business identity of Vehicle Transportation with Rocketfleet.

DIY User Login Journey Flow

Rocketfleet lets you manage user contacts, sign up using your Brand Website for creating and managing their bookings

Online and App based Booking Management Flow

Rocketfleet lets your customer create and manage booking through simple and easy to use booking management flow

Payment Gateway Integration

Rocketfleet is pre integrated with widely used payment gateways like Paytm, PayU, Razorpay (and many more) for letting customers create bookings and pay for extensions or capture any other payments for your vehicle operations. Get a simple, easy to use and fully integrated Vehicle booking platform with Rocketfleet.

Mobile Application for your Customers

Rocketfleet lets your customer sign up, create and manage bookings through Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Rocketfleet lets you reach out to your customers through push notifications for important notices and booking related messages.

RocketFleet App For Drivers

Rocketfleet lets your executives and drivers accept bookings, manage bookings using the Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Rocketfleet tracks drivers and executives during the trip through mobile app based tracking. Rocketfleet also supports managing driver/executive earnings and payouts.

Admin App for remote supervision

System Administrators and Supervisors can keep a tab on the end to end operations through the mobile App. Rocketfleet lets you get a dashboard view of the overall business operations

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Admin Portal for End to End Business Operations Management

System Administrators and Supervisors get an integrated Admin Panel to manage their Vehicle Transport Operations. Rocketfleet lets you fetch real time reports, track bookings, manage drivers and inventories through the platform.

Your own custom Process

Rocketfleet lets you map your business processes for Vehicle transport operations. Rocketfleet lets you create and manage bookings and track different stages of the bookings in real time.

Payout and Earning Management

Rocketfleet lets your drivers/executives punch IN/OUT their attendances, keep a track of number of bookings fulfilled and helps you manage their payouts, earnings and reimbursements.

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Inventory Management Workflow

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