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Product Offering

Process Flow
How does Service Management Business Process works?

Rocketflow lets you automate the end to end experience. The platform allows you to automate the following processes:

  • Customers can register the Service request through the Website/Mobile Site/Mobile App.
  • SService Operators get an admin portal to manage service requests and assign executives
  • Executives gets tracked while going for fulfillment of the services, capture inspections and does issue resolutions
  • Executives can collect payments in cash or through payment gateway integration

Get on top of business leads. Give a consistent experience to your clients across your business.

Client Website

Brand Website

Get a simple and easy to use website for your business identity of Service Operations

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Service Listing

List and Manage the services you offer, all the parties involved in the process gets a digital channel to interact.

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Take service requests through your own website

Rocketflow lets your customers manage their service requests through a website and gives you the overall visibility of the business.

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Integration With Payment Gateway

Rocketflow is pre integrated with widely used payment gateways like Paytm, PayU, Razorpay (and many more) for letting customers create Service Requests and make payments. Get a simple, easy to use and fully integrated Service Management platform with Rocketflow.

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Get customer contact details

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Dynamic FAQ

List a number of frequently asked questions to answer all your customer

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Mobile App

Customer Mobile App

Rocketflow lets your customer sign up, create and manage Service Requests through Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Rocketflow lets you reach out to your customers through push notifications for important notices and service requests related messages.

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Service Management Mobile App for Executives

Rocketflow lets your executives, workers or mechanics accept requests, manage requests using the Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Rocketflow tracks executives during the trip through app based GPS tracking. Rocketflow also supports managing driver/executive/workers earnings and payouts.

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Service Management App for Supervisors

Experience the new age System Administrators and Supervisors can keep a tab on the end to end operations through the mobile App. Rocketflow lets you get a dashboard view of the overall service operations.

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Automate now with Rocketflow.

Admin Panel

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Inventory Listing

System Administrators and Supervisors get an integrated Admin Panel to manage their Service Operations. Rocketflow lets you manage inventories through the platform.

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Manage Service Requests

Rocketflow lets you map your business processes for Service Management Operations. Rocketflow lets you create and manage Service Requests and track different stages of the Service Requests in real time.

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Service Request Listing

Rocketflow lets you track the Service Requests based on business SLAs, priority and stages they have reached, so you can track the operations better.

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Dashboard & Analytics

Rocketflow platform helps in managing your Customers, Executives, Service Requests Operations through a one click dashboard. Fetch real time reports and gain control on your business on the move.

Automate now with Rocketflow
Smarter and Easy way to automate your business processes.

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