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Experience Rocketflow, easy to use platform to automate your business processes.
Business Process Management
Process Flow

Rocketflow helps you control end to end Production Planning and Inventory Management

  • List Product Categories, Subcategories and Products. Create and Manage Bill Of Materials, manage batch numbers.
  • Keep track of inventory availability for different BOMs. Add and update stocks.
  • Manufacture with what you have, Configure Procurement Requests for unavailable stocks.
  • Map Channel Partners and Suppliers, Bind production processes.
  • Experience End to end Supply Chain Automation with Rocketflow.

Get on top of business leads. Give a consistent experience to your clients across your business.

Mobile App

Manage Inventory

Rocketflow Mobile App gives control to your Stock Supervisors to maintain, add and update stocks on the move. Stock Supervisors can keep a track of inventory in real time.

Business Process Management
Manage Users

Map executives to store locations, bind processes with users, tag inventory with users. Rocketflow app lets your executive perform tasks, mark attendance, raise leave requests on the move.

Manage Manpower Track
Get Process Updates

Managers and Supervisors can keep a tab on users, inventory and processes in real time through Rocketflow Mobile App. Manage better with simple and easy to use Rocketflow platform.

Business Process Management

Admin Panel

Inventory Management Process
Manage Inventory

Rocketflow web portal helps you manage Suppliers, Product Categories, Subcategories and Products. Create and Manage your storefront through Rocketflow. Get real time insights into inventory availability across stores and locations.

Business Process Management
Manage Users

Add and Manage users for day to day task assignments, attendance and leave functionality through Rocketflow web portal. Manage organizational hierarchy, map approvers and managers for tasks, get real time reports based on users, tasks performed by users in a time duration.

Inventory Management Process
Manage Processes

Rocketflow is configurable for mapping operational business process like Procurement Approval, Inventory and Production Planning, Logistics and Fulfillment Processes to name a few. Processes can further be broken down into stages which can be tagged with relevant user groups for performing actions. Experience End to End process automation with Rocketflow.

Generate Report Page
Generate Reports

Rocketflow platform allows decision makers to be on top of their business operations by providing them real time dashboard into all the processes running across different stores and locations. Managers can download reports for attendance, leave, processes, inventory in real time. Increase business efficiency with Rocketflow.

Automate now with Rocketflow
Automate now with Rocketflow.

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