Key features of Fleet Management Software

Amazing features for a optimal and transparent Fleet Management Operations
Attendance Management
Real-time GPS tracking
Track the location and movement of their vehicles in real-time. Optimize routes, ensure driver safety, and improve fleet efficiency.
Attendance Management
Vehicle maintenance management
Schedule and track vehicle maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and engine checks. This feature helps to minimize vehicle downtime and prevent costly breakdowns.
Attendance Management
Driver behavior monitoring
Monitors driver behavior, such as speed, acceleration, and braking, and helps to improve driver safety and reduce fuel consumption.
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Fuel management
Tracks fuel consumption and identifies potential fuel theft or wastage. This feature helps to optimize fuel efficiency, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability.
Attendance Management
Asset management
Track and manage all fleet-related assets, including vehicles, equipment, and tools. It helps to minimize asset downtime, optimize utilization, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Attendance Management
Dispatch and scheduling
Dispatch and schedule vehicles and drivers efficiently. It helps to optimize routes, improve on-time delivery, and increase productivity.
Attendance Management
Reporting and analytics
Get detailed reports and analytics on fleet performance, including fuel consumption, driver behavior, maintenance schedules, and more. This feature helps to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.
Attendance Management
Auto Assignment
Auto-assignment works by using algorithms and rules set up by fleet managers to automatically assign the most appropriate vehicle and driver to each task

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Important Modules of Rocketflow Fleet Management Software

Fleet tracking software is designed for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles. It is used to manage the various aspects of vehicle fleet operations, including vehicle maintenance, driver schedules, fuel consumption, vehicle utilization, and more. Top modules within Rocketflow Fleet vehicle Management Software:

  • User Management Module: This module will allow the administrators to manage the users of the system. They will be able to add, edit, and delete users, as well as assign different roles and permissions. Fleet Management Solution by RocketFlow comes up with website, mobile responsive site and mobile apps for businesses to onboard users as well. User Management Module helps businesses manage their user related data at a single place.
  • Fleet Management Module: This is the core module of the Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow, and it will allow the administrators to manage the fleet of vehicles and vehicle groups. They will be able to add, edit, and delete vehicles, as well as manage fleet service and maintenance operations.
  • Dispatch Module: This module will allow the administrators to dispatch vehicles to different locations, track the status of the vehicles, and manage the driver schedules. Once a booking is received Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow allows administrators to assign drivers manually or through inbuilt algorithm based on fair allocation, optimizations etc.
  • Route Optimization Module: This module will use algorithms and data analysis to optimize routes for the vehicles, reducing fuel consumption, travel time, and costs. Maintenance Module: This module will allow the administrators to manage the maintenance of the vehicles, including scheduling regular maintenance, tracking repair and service history, and recording maintenance expenses.
  • Reporting Module: This module will generate various reports related to the fleet, such as vehicle utilization, maintenance expenses, fuel consumption, booking, payment reports and more.
  • Mobile app based Tracking and GPS Tracking Module: This module will use GPS technology to track the location of the vehicles in real-time, allowing the administrators to monitor the fleet and ensure that the vehicles are secured and are being used efficiently. Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow also comes up with Driver App to track the drivers using the mobile app based GPS tracking.
  • Pricing Module: This module will allow the administrators to manage pricing of the fleet based on availability, rush days based on time, distance or combination of both. Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow offers a comprehensive configuration for Businesses to efficiently plan their pricing through a single place which gets reflected across the channels.
  • Discounting Module: This module will allow the administrators to offer discount coupons to customers in order to ensure new customers gets a chance to experience the service offerings. Provisions to offer discount coupons basis the usage, one time use or multi time use and based on time duration is supported by Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow.
  • Payout Module: This module will allow the administrators to manage driver payouts basis the fixed fee, commission-based fee basis the distance travelled or time elapsed for serving a trip.

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Register your Fleet

List your Vehicle Fleet and give customers a insight about them such as Fuel Type, Transmission, Vehicle highlights and much more

Get your own Customer Website

Get your own Customer website to accept bookings & payment online for our fleet rental, or pick up and drop business with Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow

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Customer M-site

Enable your customers to make booking anytime, anywhere with Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow. Simple to use UI for Selecting duration & Car of their choices. Convenient payment options with Booking Invoices & notifications at every step of the way.

Custom subscription and Pricing Plans

Create your own weekly, monthly and Annual Vehicle subscription plans. Pricing that can be created based on KM's, Hours with customizable plans for Weekdays, Weekends & Peak Seasons

Vehicle Service Management

Get Real time updates about your Vehicle health status and maintenance. Periodic notifications for each Service with provision of multimedia supported updates.

One click dashboard for all fleet operations

Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow allows you to manage your vehicle/Logistics transportation operations in a straightforward and user-friendly manner. You can manage Marketplace, enable your drivers and executives, follow SOPs, Live GEO Tracking and collect data, get real-time reports, and go digital. You can also automate the process of receiving bookings for retail and enterprise users. Fleet Monitoring System by RocketFlow gives a one-click dashboard to make it easy to control all aspects of vehicle transportation.

Updates & Notifications

Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow provides real time update & notifications at every prominent steps with multimedia support. Whether its a new Booking or a enquiry, never miss a beat with Fleet Management Software by RocketFlow.

Single Source of truth for your entire Fleet Business
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Vehicle Health Check and Status

Keep a precise record of Vehicle Service, Repairs & maintenance.

Inbuilt Fuel Management System

Now reduce Fuel costs by keep exact Fuel Procurement, Distribution & consumption records

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