Car Rental System by RocketFlow supports multiple channels

Car Rental System

10X your Business at 1/10th of Cost

Car Rental System by RocketFlow offers a comprehensive set of features to manage end-to-end car rental operations effectively.

  • Online Reservation Management: Customers can easily make reservations online through the system, select vehicles, dates, and locations.
  • Vehicle Inventory Management: The system keeps track of the available vehicles, their location, and status to manage inventory efficiently.
  • Customer Management: The system stores customer information and history for future reference and provides an easy-to-use interface for customer communication.
  • Billing and Invoicing: The system generates invoices automatically based on the rental period, add-ons, and other charges.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The system generates reports on various aspects of the rental business, including revenue, utilization, and customer feedback.
  • Fleet Management: The system enables businesses to manage their fleet of vehicles, including maintenance schedules, vehicle tracking, and other important metrics.
  • Mobile-Friendly Site: The system is mobile-friendly and provides a seamless user experience on all devices.
  • Data Capture Form: Still using Google Forms. RocketFlow comes up with power packed data capture forms. The system offers a data capture form that can be directly integrated into the website or shared over WhatsApp for easy customer inquiries, feedbacks, bookings..
  • Multi Channel Support: Car Rental System by RocketFlow offers real time end to end management of car rental operations across channels like Mobile Apps (Android and iOS), Website and Mobile Site for customers, Web Admin Portal for Executives and Admins, API Channel for integration. All the channels allow real time updation through a single cloud based backend offered as an Enterprise SAAS Solution.

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Give the best in class booking experience to your Customer with Car Rental System by RocketFlow

Custom Website with Car Rental System by RocketFlow

Get your own Custom Website and Mobile Site, configured specifically to cater you needs

Car Rental System

Fleet Listing & Availability

No need to worry about booking schedules and availability management with Car Rental System by RocketFlow.

Car Rental System

Booking Summary & Payment Options

Car Rental System lets you sync data within multiple channels seamlessly. Provide the industry standard Booking Summary and online payment gateways to make the experience extra ordinary.

Car Rental System

Ready, Set, Drive!!!

Get the most out of your fleet business and manage the bookings more efficiently. Our platform has proven to increase the Fleet Business revenue by 15 to 20 percent without spending on any additional assets. All these and more with Car Rental System

Car Rental System

Mobile App Features

Fully functional Mobile App for your customers to plan their trips

Customers can choose the most convenient Date range for their car booking needs

  • App to track driver
  • Live Tracking
  • OTP Verification
  • Records time for start and end trip
Car Rental System

Customers Choose from the available fleet

Car Rental System will automatically show all the available Cars to the customer

Car Rental System

Self Pickup or Delivery option

After Car selection the system will let the customer choose the best Car pickup option via a quick selection of Self Pickup or Home Delivery

Car Rental System

Convenient Payment Option with Car Rental System

Customers can pay from a variety of online payment option conveniently from their mobile devices. Car Rental System by RocketFlow is pre integrated with payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay etc.

Car Rental System

Customer can manage their bookings on their own

Give the flexibility to your Customers to create their own Account so they manage their booking and KYC and don't have to go through KYC or details every time they rent a car

Car Rental System

Track Booking Status via Car Rental System

Customers can view their bookings, manage and track their Car Rental request hassle free with Car Rental System

Car Rental System
Get the best in class Car Rental System with RocketFlow
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Web based Admin Portal

Car Rental System

All in One Car Rental System for your business operations

Get the end to end solution for your fleet business with Car Rental System by RocketFlow

Car Rental System

Manage end to end booking lifecycle

Car Rental System by RocketFlow gives you a single window to track all the booking requests coming your way. System Admins and Supervisors get a single dashboard to keep track of end to end operations.

Car Rental System

Manage your Fleet

Car Rental System by RocketFlow lets you manage your entire fleet. Add or Remove Fleets, enter description, set base prices and whole lot more.

Car Rental System

Manage your own Customer Database

Securely Store and Manage your customer details under prebuilt CRM solution in Car Rental System by RocketFlow. Manage Customer KYC, Manage Customer Information and run your marketing campaigns.

Car Rental System

Create Booking via Car Rental System

Now let your business travel with you anywhere you go. Create bookings on the go with Car Rental System.

Car Rental System

All the Bookings details at your fingertip

Car Rental System by RocketFlow lets you view and manage your bookings. See the current status and upgrade or downgrade as and when required. All this and more in Car Rental System by RocketFlow.

Car Rental System

Financing needs sorted

Car Rental System by RocketFlow generates invoices and keeps a trail of the pricing and financial aspects of a whole trip. Helps your customer gets auto generated invoice. Allows admins to collect additional payments and process refunds against security deposits.

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Business Process Automation is the automation of repeatable tasks within an Organization.

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