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How Pickup and Drop Management Software by RocketFlow works?

Get your bookings online or Admin can create a new booking using RocketFlow Software for Pickup & Drop Services Admin Web Portal

  • On successful Booking Creation, Admin, Client & all other relevant actors get a notification via SMS/Email/Whatsapp.
  • System automatically assigns a Driver using Geo Location & Distance to the Client with our Fair Allocation logic to distribute equal workload & opportunities
  • Assigned Driver, gets a notification and Can Accept or Reject the request according to the shared details
  • Once a Driver accepts the request, the Customer along with Admin are informed and payment can be introduced here as well
  • Driver Reaches the Pickup point and all the parties get notified via RocketFlow Software for Pickup & Drop ServicesMobile App.
  • Driver needs to fill out a checklist with Relevant Data and Images of the Vehicle and submit it.
  • After Checklist submission, the Driver can now begin his trip which will be GEO tracked to supervise all movement & also raise alerts for defined Parameters like Over Stopping, Speed etc.
  • Once the Driver Reaches the destination, they are requested to fill out the checklist with relevant data & Images
  • After filling out the details, Admin & Client are informed about the completion of the process.
  • Driver is informed about the Payout for the process which can be transferred via the RocketFlow Software for Pickup & Drop Services.

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Customer Can place order directly

Through Android and iOS mobile apps, RocketFlow Software for Pickup & Drop Services enables your customers to sign up, create, and manage bookings. RocketFlow Software for Pickup & Drop Services enables you to communicate with your clients via push notifications for critical announcements and messages pertaining to bookings.

How app enables Drivers remotely?

With the help of the Android and iOS mobile apps, Rocketflow enables your executives and drivers to accept and manage reservations. Rocketflow uses a smartphone app to track drivers and executives throughout the journey. Additionally, handling driver/executive payouts and earnings is supported by Rocketflow.

Admin App to track all orders & movement

Through the mobile App, System Administrators and Supervisors can monitor the entire process. Rocketflow enables you to get a dashboard of the overall business operations.

Get a Admin Portal to receive all updates & Extract Repots for precise business decisions
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Web Based Admin Solution

An integrated Web Admin Portal is provided to System Administrators and Supervisors to control their Vehicle Transport Operations. Through the platform, Rocketflow enables you to track bookings, manage drivers, and retrieve real-time reports.

Process control & Supervision

You may map your business processes for vehicle transport operations using Rocketflow. Rocketflow enables you to request, manage, and follow the progress of bookings in real time.

User Activity & Payouts Management

Rocketflow enables your drivers and executives to electronically punch in and out to record their attendance, track the number of confirmed bookings, and handle payouts, earnings, and reimbursements.

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