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How Pickup and Drop in RocketFleet works?

RocketFleet enables you to get online bookings and also empowers you to use our Admin Portal to create a new booking using RocketFleet.

  • Upon a successful Booking creation RocketFleet notifies Admin, Client & all other relevant actors via SMS/Email/Whatsapp.
  • RocketFleet System automatically assigns a Driver based on Geo Location & Distance of the Client while utilizing complex features such as Fair Allocation logic to distribute equal workload & opportunities among Executives.
  • Once a duty is assigned RocketFleet system will notify the Executives about the new duty and take there consent via mobile app.
  • Upon acceptance of the Executive, RocketFleet notifies Admin and Client about the Executive assigned and shares there details.
  • Once the Driver starts the trip to customer location system notifies Admin and Customer about Executives Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Executives once reached fills a brief car checklist and captures all the essential data via mobile App.
  • Post checklist the driver can handover the vehicle to the client and verify the client using OTP based verification.
  • Post delivery the system automatically creates a pickup request while also informing the client and Admin about the same.
  • Client will be reminded about the pickup time and location via SMS/Email/WhatsApp
  • Executives reaches pickup location, fill the checklist using RocketFleet Mobile App and pickups the vehicle
  • Our system informs the Admin about the vehicle pickup status.

Customer can create a booking online

Through Android and iOS mobile apps, RocketFleet Software for Pickup & Drop enables your customers to sign up, create bookings and manage bookings on there App. RocketFleet Software for Pickup & Drop also empowers you to establish a direct communication pipeline with your customers via push notifications, WhatsApp for important announcements, marketing messages and notifications regarding bookings.

How RocketFleet Mobile App enables Executives remotely?

With the utilization of RocketFleet Android and iOS mobile apps, Rocketfleet enables your executives and drivers to perform actions such as accept and manage reservations remotely. Rocketfleet also track drivers and executives throughout the journey using there smartphones. Lastly, Payouts and Earnings gets calculated automatically post request completion in Rocketfleet.

Admin App to view and track all Requests & Executive movement in RocketFleet

RocketFleet Admin App gives an eagle eye view of the entire business operations. It also showcases the status of all requests and fulfillment status immediately on the dashboard.

All the essential information and Business operations insights at your fingertips
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Web Based Admin Solution for RocketFleet Pickup and Drop

Control your vehicle transportation and movement efficiently using RocketFleet’s integrated Web Admin Portal. Take online bookings, manage booking fulfillment, manage Fleet and Executives utilization and many more with RocketFleet

Complete Supervision and Operational Controls

Map your end to end Fleet operation using RocketFleet. Empower your Fleet Operations and get Real Time updates about new requests, Booking Fulfillment and booking statuses.

Employee Activity & Payout Tracker

RocketFleet automatically assignes Executives requests fairly and equal distribution. It also tracks there assigned tasks status, fulfilled requests. RocketFleet also calculates executives payout based of completed requests.

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