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How does RocketFlow Loan Management Software work?

RocketFlow Loan Management Software helps you control end to end lending operations

  • Users who want to avail loans can register on the Loan Management Software through Website or Mobile Apps.
  • CIBIL Integration to check eligibility for loans.
  • Custom Credit Decisioning Engine to approve or reject loan requests.
  • With RocketFlow Loan Management Software, Users can pay EMIs or pay at once through automated repayment journey, supports eNACH

Smarter and Easy way to automate with RocketFlow Loan Management Software!
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Customer Website

Customer Login

Get a dedicated website for your lending business with RocketFlow Loan Management Software. Users can register, manage accounts, repay loans through website.

Upload KYC and Verification

RocketFlow Loan Management Software is Pre Integrated with KYC Verification platforms.

Know Eligibility

RocketFlow Loan Management Software helps you define rules for credit decisioning, customers get to know in real time their eligibility for loan based on the information provided.

Experience simple business process management for all your Lending business with RocketFlow Loan Management Software!!
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Mobile App

User Journey with Login Flow through RocketFlow Loan Management Software

Users get a mobile channel to interact with the platform. Users can register, manage accounts, repay loans through mobile app.

RocketFlow Loan Management Software eases Loan Approval and Disbursal

Based on the inputs collected against a Customer Loan Profile, RocketFlow Loan Management Software supports defining your business rules to drive credit decisioning. Once the loan is approved can be auto disbursed into the Customer's Bank Account.

Loan Repayment with RocketFlow Loan Management Software

End Customers can use the RocketFlow Mobile App to digitally repay the loan amount at once or through EMIs. Automated reminders can be configured in the platform. RocketFlow Loan Management Software also support eNACH integration to create mandates for auto deduction of the amount.

Experience RocketFlow Loan Management Software, to automate your Lending processes!
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Admin Panel

Manage Users

RocketFlow Loan Management Software lets you map your team and organization to digitize the operational processes. Also, manage your end customers through a single web portal.

Manage Documents and Verifications

RocketFlow lets you manage documents and data collected, archive the data, helps you retrieve the data for any audit purposes

Manage Approvals and Disbursal

RocketFlow Loan Management Software lets you map the operational processes, loan disbursements and collection journey, map roles to approve specific actions and ensure real time digitization in action

Manage Followups

Create sub tasks for follow ups within loan journey for your backend operations team to ensure followups are never missed.

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Rocketflow lets you control your business better through the amazing features
Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is the automation of repeatable tasks within an Organization.

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