Key Features of Employee Transport Management System by RocketFlow

Employee Transport Management System: Empowering Commutes, Elevating Efficiency
Attendance Management
Auto Dispatch
Automated allocation of cabs and drivers for efficient employee pickups and drops.
Attendance Management
Real Time Tracking
Live vehicle tracking to monitor transportation progress and ensure employee safety and accountability
Attendance Management
Auto Routing
Optimal route planning to minimize travel time and fuel consumption for cost-effective commutes
Attendance Management
Shift-Based Scheduling
Tailored transportation schedules aligned with employee shift timings for seamless pickups and drop-offs
Attendance Management
Attendance Integration
Integrate transport data with attendance systems to simplify employee attendance and leave management
Attendance Management
Admin Portal
Empower Admin Transport Team with a user-friendly portal to access transport details and manage end to end operations
Attendance Management
Effective Management
Track transportation expenses, inventory allocation, and optimize routes for better financial controls
Attendance Management
Automated Notifications
Instant alerts to Employees/Drivers/Transport Supervisors for pickup and drop, ensuring timely and stress-free operations
Attendance Management
Compliance & Safety
Ensure adherence to transportation regulations and promote safe driving practices
Attendance Management
Data Analytics & Reports
Generate actionable insights through data-driven reports for informed decision-making and performance evaluation
Experience hassle-free employee transport management, real-time tracking and instant ETA updates for employees and drivers.
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Real Time

Employee Transport Management System by RocketFlow comes up with following offerings

Employee Transport Management System

Step-by-step process flow for the Employee Transport Management System by RocketFlow

The Employee Transport Management System by RocketFlow efficiently manages employee commutes, enhances safety, and ensures smooth coordination between employees, drivers, and administrators for an organized transportation experience.

  • Driver & Cab Registration: Transport administrators register drivers and their corresponding cabs, providing necessary details.
  • Availability & Scheduling: Administrators manage driver availability and schedules, ensuring drivers are assigned shifts and cabs are ready for transportation.
  • Employee Registration: Employees register in the system, providing their details, such as name, contact information, and pickup location.
  • Route Creation: Based on employee locations and shift timings, administrators create optimized routes with designated pickup and drop-off points.
  • Driver & Cab Allocation: The system assigns available drivers and cabs to specific routes according to their shifts and capacity.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Drivers use a mobile app or GPS device to update their real-time location, enabling administrators to monitor the fleet.
  • Automated Notifications: The system sends automated notifications to employees with their assigned pickup times and cab details.
  • Employee Portal: Employees access a dedicated portal or mobile app to view their transportation details, including pickup points and schedules.
  • Attendance Integration: Transport data is integrated with attendance systems, enabling accurate employee attendance records.
  • Route Updates & Changes: Administrators can make real-time updates to routes, cab assignments, and schedules as needed.
  • Safety & Compliance: The system tracks driver behavior and vehicle maintenance to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Cost Management: Transport managers analyze data to optimize costs, fuel consumption, and resource utilization.
  • Reporting & Analytics: The system generates comprehensive reports and analytics, offering insights for better decision-making and performance evaluation.

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Admin Portal for Employee Transport Management System

Admin Dashboard for Employee Transport Management System

Employee Transport Management System provides Admin with interactive Dashboards for the ultimate control over end to end operations. Admins can create new tasks, control executives, manage Fleets and Vendors and much more.

Employee Transport Management System

Route Creation in Employee Transport Management System

In Employee Transport Management System, Admin can create route with details such as Dates & Location and also provide unique Route Ids for tracking.

Employee Transport Management System

User Batch Creation

Admin can create a batch of Users under Employee Transport Management System. These Users can be filtered with respect to their Shift timings, geographical area and maximum transit time.

Employee Transport Management System

Driving Executive Allocation

Admin can allocate a Driving Executive for Fulfillment. System will present all the Drivers for the selected Business Unit and filter out drivers who are already assigned for the same duration.

Employee Transport Management System

Vehicle Availability & Allocation

Admin can allocate a Vehicle for the Roster which are presented by the system and are available for the selected time duration.

Employee Transport Management System

Optimized Route Created

System will analyze all the information's in the task with respect to User Locations, start and drop time and create the most optimized route for the Driving Executive to take.

Employee Transport Management System
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End to End Execution Flow

Transportation Roster

Employee Transportation System comes with Mobile App where Admins and Drivers will be able to see all the tasks assigned to them. Mark their attendance, Pickup vehicle and many more actions are possible using RocketFlow Mobile App

Employee Transportation System

Roster Details in Employee Transportation System

Driver will see all the Roster related details on the mobile app such as Roster Timings, Pickup and Drop location and vehicle details here in RocketFlow Mobile App.

Employee Transportation System

Auto Routing and Sequencing

RocketFlow Mobile App will give clear indication to the driver about the pickup/Drop sequence of the executives while guiding them to executives locations. Also providing quick action button on pickup details tab.

Employee Transportation System

Pickup Initiation by Driver

Driver will initiate pickup using quick action buttons available on each pickup in the sequences

Employee Transportation System

Pickup Initiation Notifications

RocketFlow Employee Transportation System will send notification to the executive when the driver is on the way to pick them with details to identify Driver, Vehicle along with a estimated arrival time.

Employee Transportation System

Live Tracking in Employee Transportation System

Employee Transportation System would also send a tracking URL for live tracking and ETA with notifications to each executives enabling them and Admin to get a real time visibility about Vehicle Location.

Employee Transportation System

Executive Onboarding

After reaching executive location, Driver will initiate onboarding by tapping on the onboarding button available to them

Employee Transportation System

Onboarding Verification

Executive Verification can be done in multiple ways such as OTP based verification, Self onboarding Flow or encryption code scanning based onboarding

Employee Transportation System

Executive Onboarding Flow

Post Onboarding system will update the status and also highlight the onboarded Executive. System will then highlight the next pickup in the sequence

Employee Transportation System

Onboarding Completed

Once all the executives are on boarded the system will highlight the Driver to reach the final Drop location and mark the trip as completed

Employee Transportation System

Route Completed

System will update the status to completed and close the route for the day

Employee Transportation System
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Key Features of Employee Transportation System

Employee Transportation System

Dashboard for entire Employee Transportation Management

Employee Transportation System provides a clear visual overview of entire transportation system, including real-time vehicle tracking, employee attendance, and key performance indicators. Employee Transportation System dashboard helps administrators make informed decisions efficiently and quickly.

Employee Transportation System

Fleet Master for Vehicle Maintenance and Tracking

Employee Transportation System allows tracking, maintenance and management of the transportation fleet. This includes vehicle details, maintenance schedules, certifications and fuel consumption, ensuring that the fleet is operational and well-maintained

Employee Transportation System

Complete User Management

Employee Transportation System enables Business Administrators to manage internal and external user profiles, assign transportation services, and ensure accurate data for each employee using the Employee Transportation System

Employee Transportation System

Business Units Geo Tagging

Employee Transportation System enables tagging of different business units or office locations on a geographical map, aiding to route planning and ensuring accurate pickups and drop-offs along with tagging of users to their respective Business Unit.

Employee Transportation System

Inbuilt Bulk Upload Utility for User and Inventory

Employee Transportation System simplifies data entry into RocketFlow Portal by allowing administrators to upload user and inventory information in bulk, saving time and drastically reducing manual input errors.

Employee Transportation System

Customized Shift Creation and Management

Employee Transportation System facilitates the scheduling of employee transportation services based on different employee shifts. Ensuring that employees are transported to and from work at appropriate times increasing Employee satisfaction rate and work hours.

Employee Transportation System

Integrated Employee Attendance Management

Employee Transportation System comes with pre-integrated employee attendance system ensuring accurate punch in and punch out time, streamlining attendance records and enhancing accuracy.

Employee Transportation System

End to End Leave Management

Employee Transportation System is also capable of managing end to end leave management, ensuring that employee transportation services are preadjusted according to fixed leaves & Employees' leave requests and schedules.

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