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Driver Management Software by RocketFlow

RocketFlow Driver Management Software

Rocketflow helps you control end to end Driver Management Operations

  • Create Trips or let your client Create Trips through the Web Portal or Mobile App
  • Assign Drivers to Trips
  • Drivers get a mobile app and can start/end the trip
  • Drivers get tracked through mobile app based tracking for route, driving patterns
  • Set Geofence conditions from where Drivers can start/end the trip
  • Manage payments and earnings in real time

Driver app

Drivers get a mobile app to accept/reject the trips. Control start/end trip by Driverby setting Geofence conditions. Driver app helps your driver in performing SOPs like filling checklist on pickup/drop for recording entries and uploading snapshot of vehicle. Drivers get a real time view of the reimbursements, their payouts and earnings.

Admin App

Managers and Supervisors get a mobile app through they can get a real time view of the new trips, trips under process, closed trips to get a better control on the operations. Managers and Supervisors gets to see a timeline of the various stages a particular trip is transitioning.

Customer App

Customers gets mobile app through which they can place trip requests, get notified when the driver starts or ends a trip, see drivers performing SOPs. Customers can also get a real time view of all trip requests and insights around those trips on the move.

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Driver Management Software Dashboard

Rocketflow platform gives you controls to manage your operations better. Get insight into the driver management operations in real time. See trips by stages like New Trips, Trips under Pickup or Drop, Closed Trips. Let your drivers mark attendance, raise leave requests, and manage driver

Driver Trip Details

Rocketflow Driver Management Software Web portal gives a fine print of Trip by capturing every bit of information taken during the trip fulfillment by various actors. Trips timeline gives a real time insight into every stage which operation was performed by whom. Map View lets you see the route information, Form View lets you see the snapshot and data captured at each stage of the trip. Control better with Rocketflow.

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