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Process Flow
Process Flow

Businesses aiming to scale operations, income, and profitability should choose RocketFlow Solar Installation Management Software. With a Software enhancing productivity, customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and service, moving away from traditional systems can result in major commercial improvements for the firm.

  • Create specific Roles & Permissions for each member of your workforce. Give each member of your team personalized access to the parts of the software they require without granting access to anything else, from sales to accounting to account owners.
  • Your Sales executives can enter the Solar Lead Details in the system and managers can view status of all the leads on a consolidated dashboard. With a real-time, aerial perspective of everything occurring in your account, you can ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Manage Solar Sales Lead to view your sales funnel for New, In Progress, Under Negotiation and Closed Leads.
  • Bulk upload and manage your inventory with RocketFlow Solar Installation and Management Software's web portal.
  • Download reports and schedule them for increased productivity and better planning

Client Website

Custom website

Get a simple and easy-to-use website for your business identity of Solar Business.

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Manage Appointments

List and Manage the services you offer, all the parties involved in the process gets a digital channel to interact, raise and track the requests

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RocketFlow Solar Installation and Management Software lets you manage user contacts, and sign up using your Brand Website for creating and managing their requirements.

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Integrated Payment Gateway

RocketFlow is pre-integrated with widely used payment gateways like Razorpay for letting customers create appointments and make payments. Get a simple, easy-to-use, and fully integrated RocketFlow Solar Installation and Management Software.

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Mobile App

Register Solar installation Leads

Sales executives can create leads on the move through the Rocketflow Mobile app. The Sales Executives can capture the point of contact, the potential size of the lead, client comments, and much more. Sales executives can keep updating the lead based on discussions and update other parameters.

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Schedule Solar Installations

Sales executives can schedule Installations, and update comments by setting Follow Up Time against a lead through the Rocketflow app. Update leads to indicate that the meetings are scheduled for demo or walkthrough.

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Record Customer Feedback

Sales executives can capture feedback/comments and important pointers from Installations/meetings while updating the leads through Rocketflow Mobile App. Managers and Supervisors get a real-time view of the lead statuses and traction, the sales executives are generating with the clients to provide timely assistance.

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Manage Lead Follow-Ups

Sales team can update leads for follow-up time through the Rocketflow mobile app. The platform allows to search leads based on the follow-up time to indicate to the Sales team which leads they have to chase on a day/week to plan better. Never again miss a follow-up with RocketFlow Solar Installation and Lead Management Mobile App.

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Track Progress

Managers can use RocketFlow Solar Installation and Lead Management Mobile App to track the progress of a sales lead by going through the interactive timelines of Sales executives with clients. Managers can further see details of each sale step to track the progress better.

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Admin Panel

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Register Leads

RocketFlow Solar Installation and Management Software's web Portal can be used by the executives to capture leads. The lead generation team can create the leads capturing the clients requirements with the help of inventory. The lead form can be customized based on the requirement.

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Assign Leads

Managers and supervisors can assign leads to executives or define the routing logic based on teams responsible for a particular type of lead. RocketFlow web portal makes it easy for you to manage leads.

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View Progress

Rocketflow web portal showcases the lead progression in a Kanban and detailed view to give every insight that your sales team has captured while interacting with the clients.

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Get Lead Report

Measure progress better with RocketFlow. Keep the stakeholders informed through real time dashboard and lead progression reports. Schedule reports for better transparency and enhanced productivity of the sales team.

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Inventory Module

Bulk upload and manage your inventory with RocketFlow Solar Installation and Management Software

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