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How does RocketFlow Last Mile Delivery Solution works?

Last Mile Delivery Software by RocketFlow is the ultimate solution to simplify and optimize your last mile delivery management. With our robust software, you gain the ability to effortlessly track deliveries, manage orders, and optimize routes, ensuring efficient and timely operations. Leveraging real-time tracking, Last Mile Delivery Software by RocketFlow guarantees accurate and prompt deliveries, elevating the overall customer experience.

  • Create orders and assign them to drivers.
  • Drivers receive orders and update status in real-time using the mobile app.
  • Managers can track progress and optimize routes using the web admin portal.
  • Customers receive real-time updates on delivery status.
  • Completed deliveries are recorded and used to improve future operations.

Get Real Time Updates

Drivers can easily update the status of deliveries in real-time, ensuring that customers are informed of any delays or changes in delivery status.

Route Guide & Optimization

Drivers can view the most efficient routes and navigate using turn-by-turn directions, reducing the time and fuel costs associated with last mile delivery.

Operational Updates and Cross Collaboration in RocketFlow

Drivers can easily report any issues or problems encountered during a delivery, ensuring that managers are aware of any potential issues and can take action to resolve them.

Pre Delivery OTP Verification

Verify the receipeient using inbuilt OTP verification system in RocketFlow Last Mile Delivery Solutions so you never deliver packages incorrectly ever again.

Never miss a details with RocketFlow Last Mile Delivery Solutions

RocketFlow Last Mile Delivery Solutions offers customizable forms at every step of the process so you can capture the necessary details on the go.

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Single source of truth!

Managers can easily track the performance of drivers and deliveries, identifying areas for improvement and making data-driven decisions to optimize operations.

Assign Executives on the go

Managers can easily assign and reassign orders to drivers, ensuring that deliveries are completed on time and to the satisfaction of customers.

Reporting and Analysis

Managers can view real-time analytics and reports, providing valuable insights into the performance of the delivery operations.

Auto Generate and share Invoices Instantly

RocketFlow Last Mile Delivery Solutions comes with customizable Invoicing and billing capabilities so you can instantly generate and share with your customers

Integrated Escalation Management System

RocketFlow Last Mile Delivery Solutions comes with integrated escalation management system so you can tackle any inconvenience or griefs instantly to create a long lasting relationship with your customers

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