What Is a Digital Workflow?

A digital workflow is the automation of a company's business processes and the internal steps needed to get the business fulfilled. Digital workflows streamline the business processes for efficiency and productivity, business owners get a real time insight into the process based on stages, measure progress, and keep track of tasks based on their SLAs for compliance and audit purposes.

A Digital workflow is combination of data and business rules moving between different users or group of users that drives any business operations.
Digital workflows aims at automation of repeatable tasks. It can be as simple as using emails or excel sheets instead of traditional pen and paper approach or may be as complex as complete automation of a business process from sourcing to fulfillment. Documents and Data Inputs at every process stage can be tracked in the process life cycle and can be routed to different departments, organizations depending on the pre configured business rules. The output of the digital workflow should be predictable and measurable is one of the most important requirement.
Digitization of a business process provides companies with an edge over there competition which makes digital workflows the go-to-way in today's world.

What are the Key Benefits of Digital Workflow?


  • Enabling Organizations to go paperless:This not only helps environment but also enables auditing of the data, maintaining digital footprint of the data for cross referencing and fetching real time business insights and analytics from the data.
  • Measurable and Consistent Outcomes:Digital Workflows ensures different businesses generates predictable, measurable and consistent business outcomes which are hard to get when we use manual mechanisms to address a business operation.
  • Manual Processes are error prone:When there are manual processes followed it is prone to human errors. Digital workflows helps eliminate the chances of human errors to the degree of automation done of the business operations. For example, if a user onboarding process involves entering information into an excel sheet or a ERP software manually, the process once automated ensures the system does the data uploading, validation and reporting; thereby eliminating the possibilities of human error.
  • Real time view and better tracking of SLAs:You can improve what you can see and measure.


What key functions can Digital Workflows perform?

Routing Data Captured to Respective Users and Groups
Data routing is one of the most important function of a Digital Workflow. If we are not able to track the data captured or documents used in fulfilling a business process, it may create many issues for a company.

  • Opportunity Loss
  • Missing Deadlines and compliances adherence
  • Delay in delivery of products and services offered
  • Delay in Procurement, Expiry of Products which may directly affect revenues
  • Reputational Risks


Digital workflow provides a systematic way to follow the data and documents traversing within an organization and users. You can take actions on what you can see and measure. Real time insights is what digital workflow ensures thereby making the whole business operations predictable. Users can follow SLAs, notifications can be triggered on work item passing a certain business stage, automatic notifications and reminders, fetching real time reports of current status is what comes along with Digital Workflows.

Monitor Tasks and Reporting
Digital workflow processes let supervisors closely monitor and audit critical events. Task timelines is what can be monitored for different actions done on a task by users or group of users. Task monitoring becomes extremely critical in a organization operating from different geographies and have organizational hierarchy. Supervisors can control which tasks are lagging and can take swift actions to control the slippages. Business owners can identify which stage of the business process is time consuming and acting as a bottleneck due to resource constraints or productivity issues. The timely insights make it easy for businesses to take decisions.

Streamlining Approvals
In a complex or distributed organization hierarchy manier times getting timely approvals is the biggest challenge. Digital workflows can streamline the issues with multiple approvals and can give a consolidated view to decision makers on approvers of previous stages and view their comments and feedback in real time.

How to implement Digital Workflow Automation?

No matter how complex the digital transformation journey sounds at first but the benefits it is going to yield makes it a first choice for Business Owners in modern times.
Digital workflow can be automated with a simple and easy to use business process management tool.
Rocketflow is an extremely easy to use and simple platform which can help ease the Digital Workflow automation journey using the preconfigured workflow templates and its simple data form builder to capture data at different business stages.
Common process related to procurement, sales, HR, finance operations can be easily automated. Companies already running digital workflows can also benefit from the addition of business process management tools, as platforms like Rocketflow comes with pre integration with notification systems, payment gateways, different platforms with real time analytics and data insights into complex business processes.

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