Digitise your business with Rocketflow

Digitise your business with Rocketflow

Surviving, let alone thriving, is a challenging endeavor in the business landscape of today, which is characterized by heavy competition and high overhead costs. For instance, imagine you are a restaurant that wants to provide customers with a convenient, seamless means of ordering food. You have an app for your customer’s order to be received by a nearby restaurant, and once it is accepted, the delivery executive stationed nearby will be notified to pick up the order with delivery instructions. Imagine how easy your life will be if you can monitor all the orders with constant updates in a single place.

This is where Rocketflow comes in.
With our business process automation tool, you can conveniently set all of this up in a span of hours and control every aspect with your smartphone. This is just one instance and business type that Rocketflow can transform with our interactive workflow management system.

How we do it?
What we specialize in is helping you break down your business operation into many manageable chunks that can bind with various groups of users, actions, and dynamic forms, ensuring that even the tiniest details are captured during the execution of each process. You can take part in the process through a web admin panel or a mobile app. It is worth noting that the entire system operates in real-time and that users can be presented with selective authorization as and when needed. Moreover, integration with inventory management, customer management, employee management, notification management, geography or territory management, payout & revenue management, etc. is also an option.

The possibilities

  • Create workflows as per your preference

With our tool, you have the luxury of creating workflows around a variety of business operations and SOPS. With workflows, you can sync users across digital platforms.

  • Mapping users and assets

Another feature is the ability to map all your facilities and inventory. Alongside this, our solution facilitates effortless integration with asset management tools and data feed.

Rocketflow ensures safety through efficient authentication and authorization. Besides, you can manage your company’s hierarchy at various locations as you prefer. Also, there’s the option of being constantly aware of various performance indicators.

  • Be in the know via instant notifications

You can tag any incident, response, or action with triggers. This can come in handy as triggers bring about a response and notification instantaneously. If you prefer, you can also be notified of real-time developments via a variety of means including SMS, email, IVR, and mobile push notifications.

  • Taking decisive action

Using the admin dashboard, you can garner intelligent insights into all your business operations as and when they happen. Besides, you can leverage the platform to determine the best course of action with comprehensive analytics. As a means of empowering you, we have enabled you to perform any action you desire in real-time through remote control access.

Ultimately, Rocketflow will enable you to run a profitable and value-bringing venture with its digitization solution that is geared towards helping you boost productivity, manage your data effectively, and ensure smoother interactions with customers.

Author : Someone Good Soul

Published date : Jul 16, 2022

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