Complaint Management Software by RocketFlow

How Complaints are converted into praises?

Complaints Management Software by RocketFlow empowers you in resolving your complaints while depicting opportunities to make necessary systemic improvements. Every organization receives complaints and unpleasing feedbacks but how a organization choose to deal with those makes the biggest difference. Complaint Management Software by RocketFlow enables your employees to follow a set practice to resolve all complaints while keeping the Managers updated about every move.

  • Some of the benefits of using Complaint Management System by RocketFlow are:
  • Multi Channel ticket collection support and locating them at a single place
  • Significant reduction in recurring complaints
  • Improvement in the standards of services
  • Raises standards of decision-making.
  • Zero Chances of unattended complaints and many more!!!
  • Ticket Management System for auto assigning of tasks to support executives
  • Monitoring and reporting tools
  • Reports and Analytics

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Mobile based complaint registration

Compliant can be registered by the customer directly via App or Mobile Site

Complaints are assigned to Manager Directly

All complaints are assigned directly to respective Managers who'll be able to see all the details filled in by the customer to best analyze the issue and take the next steps

Managers can directly assign executive to tackle the issue

After reviewing the details shared by the customer, Manager can directly assign the complaint to their respective team to handle the issue and also instruct on the next course of actions

Complaint status handling and next step of actions

Assigned Executives will be shown all the details and customer contact. They can engage the complaint and resolve the issue as per defined SLA's. Executives can also update the status of the complaints as per the circumstances.

Complaint updates by Executives

After handling the customer complaint, the executives can updates the status of the complaint and also record the necessary data including post complaint remarks and necessary images to complete the course at their end

Complaint Management Software

Complaint Closure & Payment

Once the executives resolves the complaints then their respective Managers & Customers are informed about the same via notifications in form of Email, push notifications or over WhatsApp. After that billing and other relevant processes can be triggered where in payment can be collected online via payment link sent to customer.

Complaint Management Software
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Single source of truth!

Complaint Management Software keeps all you important data and processes under a single roof. It gives you a real time visibility into your account by allowing business to receive and track customer complaints from a single platform. All complaints can be logged, categorized, and assigned to relevant personnel for resolution.

Complaint Management Software

Stay in Sync!

Complaint Management Software enables seamless communication between administrators, customer support teams, and customers. Administrators can view and respond to customer complaints, update their status, and communicate with customers directly through the portal, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the complaint resolution process.

Reports and Analytics in RocketFlow

Complaint Management Software offers reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing administrators to analyze complaint patterns, identify recurring issues, and generate insights for process improvement. This helps in identifying areas of improvement, enhancing customer satisfaction, and making data-driven decisions.

RocketFlow's Complaint Management Software

Custom Invoices & Receipt

We understand that brand identity is important . Complaint Management Software enables you to create your own custom templates for various events such as complaint registration, Executive Assigned and Complaint Resolved. These templates can be sent directly to your customer's mobile number or email. So your brand leaves a long lasting impression.

Complaint Management Software by RocketFlow
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