What is Driver Management system?

Driver Management system is a process of ordering driver duties into sequences or managing fleet drivers to ensure a balanced work allocation and to ensure the productivity and safety of the drivers involved.

Some of the key elements of a Driver Management system are as follows:

  • Transparent Process of allocation of Duty to the Driver, ensuring sufficient turn around time between trip allocations
  • Driver should be notified in real time so that they can plan their trips efficiently
  • Process of sharing pick up or drop roster with the drivers
  • Provision to inform the executives once the Driver is about to reach
  • Feedback process for Executives and Drivers once the trip is completed
  • Transparent way of tracking the trip for the route travelled, monitoring overspeed and over stoppages at locations
  • Tracking against the scheduled pickup and drop time and the actual pickup and drop time
  • Tracking against the distance travelled and fuel usage to ensure business productivity from the transactions
  • Reports to ensure that all the critical actors of the Driver Management system are informed on the process efficiencies like Driver Supervisor, Drivers, Management Teams etc.
  • Tracking gratifications for Drivers and Payouts for Trips and Reconciliations
  • Process to make sure the reimbursements for tolls, parkings are accounted in trips
  • Process to make sure that the service and repair maintenance is taken care off.

Generally businesses and driver management or fleet management companies focus on fleet but fail to focus on efficient driver management system and end up managing driver related process manually or through excel sheet. This process leads to lot of delay and is error prone.

How can companies or businesses automate their Driver Management Process?

The end to end driver management system can be automated using RocketFlow platform instantly. Please refer to https://rocketflow.in/uc/driver-management-platform. The platform is available as an Enterprise SAAS offering and can be configured instantly.

Prominent logistics companies in India are using RocketFlow platform to automate their Driver Management System for use cases catering to processes like

  • Drivers on Demand
  • Pickup and Drop
  • Movement of fleet from hub to yard to retail or business outlets
  • Fuel Management and Distribution
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Supply logistics

RocketFlow provides end to end digitization of Driver Management system and provides website and mobile site for Driver Management Companies to get driver requests, provider drivers and supervisors with Android and iOS App for managing the daily trips and overall operations. RocketFlow also comes with Web Admin Portal through which management and supervisor can perform tasks like

  • Trip Allocation and Trip Management
  • Dashboard of end to end operations
  • Track Trip routes and critical indicators during the trips like path traveled, overspeed, overstop etc.
  • Manage all trip related documents like reimbursement slips, parking and toll receipts, invoices
  • Manage Fuel Management, Fuel Distribution process
  • Manage all critical aspects of Driver Management
  • Manage Feedback from Customers and Drivers
  • Manage Payout Plans for Driver based on time spent on a trip and distance traveled
  • There are provisions to manage additional processes like managing Driver Checklist for Inventory and Service Repairs and Maintenance processes
  • RocketFlow's Driver Management system also comes up with consolidated reports to keep a track on all the business related aspects

How can companies ensure their drivers safety and productivity?

Companies need to focus on Driver Health, Safety and productivity to ensure the business becomes profitable. Drivers are at the core of any logistics, supply or fleet based business. Driver's safety and well being is not only duty of the company but also leads to enhanced business productivity.

Some of the critical part of the productivity and safety process are listed below and are already covered within RocketFlow's Driver Management System.

  • Streamline Inspection process for Drivers and Supervisors at every Key Handover events. This simple process ensures mental well being for actors involved in the process. RocketFlow platform supports provisions to capture images of the assets through the mobile app before and after the process to ensure this process remains transparent. Supervisors can see the uploaded images on web admin portal in real time.
  • Track Driving Behavior and give feedbacks. RocketFlow's Driver Management System process ensures once the driver is on trip, they are geo tracked through mobile app based tracking. Key events which are captured are Overstopping, OverSpeeding, Mobile Network OFF, Location ON/OFF, Harsh Breaks to name a few. Drivers are given auto generated warning over the mobile app once the violations are identified.
  • Efficient way to measure the distance traveled, map it against the Fuel reimbursement process and payout process.
  • Set Safety process norms and clear communication with Drivers

What are the other business processes which can be automated using RocketFlow?

RocketFlow is a unique Low/NO Code platform that can help businesses go digital. Feel free to browse to https://rocketflow.in/ to get an understanding on the use cases that RocketFlow caters.

Feel free to reach out to RocketFlow sales team at sales@rocketflyer.in in case you are looking to take your Driver Management System/Process digital instantly or if you have any other manual operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Rocketflow?

Rocketflow is a new age Low/No Code Enterprise SAAS Platform that helps businesses go digital within minutes.
RocketFlow is your Digital COO to manage and supervise your operational needs.
An innovative business process management platform to help you GO DIGITAL. Rocketflow helps you map your business processes in real time through a drag and drop workflow designer. Allows you to capture data through mobile app at different stages of your business, lets your customer and team perform business operations in real time ensuring transparency and efficiency. Rocketflow lets you manage your customers, teams, inventory, processes and data in real time through a click of a button. Users can download reports and view the progressions over a dashboard.

Who can use RocketFlow?

RocketFlow can be used by merchants/businesses who wants to digitize their business process to increase Sales revenue, create more transparency within the teams to maximize business productivity. RocketFlow can be used by One Per Company to big enterprise in order to go digital without investing much into building the technology platform.

What all does RocketFlow Offers?

Using RocketFlow businesses/merchants can get fully configurable website ready within minutes. The website can be used to promote to the customers in order to get the orders/bookings/service requests in digital mode. RocketFlow also creates a web admin portal to manage the orders/bookings/service requests and assign it to users/executives for fulfillment.

How much time does it take to automate the business process in RocketFlow?

Rocketflow lets you use a predefined business management process which can be customized to your unique needs. It takes less than a minute to register on the platform and start using Rocketflow."Start your free trial" or "Plan a Demo", In case you have custom requirements or would like to change the way workflows are configured. Please write to us at sales@rocketflyer.in and our Sales and Product team would be happy to assist. You may also raise your query via filling this form at https://rocketflow.in/#contact_us

What are the common business workflows which are automated using RocketFlow?

RocketFlow comes up with more than 40+ pre-configured business workflows to help businesses focus on their core area of work.
Commonly used business processes are listed below:

  • People and Service Related Workflows
    • Task Assignment Process
    • Lead Management Process
    • Service Management
    • Order Management
    • HR Related workflows for hiring, exit, allocation
    • Customer Feedback
  • Inventory Related WorkFlows
    • Inventory IN/OUT
    • Report Damage
    • Warehouse Operations Management
  • Finance Related Workflows
    • Purchase Order
    • Sales Order
    • Invoice
    • Billing
    • Payment Collections
    • Revenue Management
  • Service Management
    • Service Request Management
    • Incident Management
    • Operations Management

Does RocketFlow requires users to give their Credit/Debit Card details while signing up?

No. RocketFlow allows for 10 Days free trial and doesn't require you to sign up with Debit Card or Credit Card. No Software is required to be installed. It is a complete SAAS based Enterprise Business Process Management Platform which is deployed over cloud.

Is my data secured on RocketFlow?

RocketFlow uses state of the art security frameworks, standards and infrastructure in order to protect your data. Your data is encrypted over the network and while in transit.

How do I create an account in RocketFlow?

Select your business requirement, Choose a plan to subscribe , Sign-up and start using RocketFlow.

Can I create different user roles in the system?

Yes, RocketFlow comes up with a highly configurable user management system which can be used to configure and map your organization hierarchy. Businesses can run approval based workflows once the hierarchy is configured within RocketFlow.

How can I define user hierarchy in the system?

RocketFlow helps you define a manager for a group of users by creating a team of the users in the system.

What are the different payment options available?

RocketFlow currently supports Monthly and Annual Payment options. If you have more than 200 Users please contact sales@rocketflyer.in and we have custom payment options available.

Are there customization options available in RocketFlow?

Yes, rocketflow can map your business process and use case. To know more connect with our sales team at https://rocketflow.in/#contact_us

Are preconfigured business process options available in RocketFlow?

Yes, RocketFlow offers preconfigured processes mapped with many pre-existing use cases to choose from
Some of the commonly addressed use cases are detailed below:

  • CRM
  • Human Resource Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Constructions & Excavation
  • Field Force
  • Finance Process
  • Logistics Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Waste & Sustainability
  • Process Management

Does RocketFlow offers customized process implementation for internal processes too?

RocketFlow can be configured for any organization's entire network of interconnected processes under custom request. For more information, please contact our sales team at https://rocketflow.in/#contact_us

Is RocketFlow GST Compatible?

Yes RocketFlow is GST Compliant. Rflow comes with in-built GST & EWay Bill integration with nearly 30 different use cases to cover all GST business process needs. For more information, please contact our sales team at https://rocketflow.in/#contact_us

Is RocketFlow Tally Compatible?

Yes. RocketFlow is pre integrated with financial systems like Tally and can be used to automate your Financial, Operational, Inventory related use cases. RocketFlow is also integrated with QuickBooks by Intuit. For more information, please contact our sales team at https://rocketflow.in/#contact_us

How many different customer channels are supported by RocketFlow?

RocketFlow is an Omni Channel platform which gives you a website and mobile site instantly. Your executives and internal teams gets Android (Android App link goes here) and iOS (ios link here) apps along with a web portal for all your administrative needs.

Can RocketFlow be integrated with our internal CRM or ERP?

Yes, RocketFlow is pre-integrated with well known platforms for SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Financial System Integrations. RocketFlow comes up with 50+ integrations with external Systems. For more information, please contact our sales team at https://rocketflow.in/#contact_us

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